I hope this is not an inappropriate place to post this.  And it's not BSP.

Some of you may know that Creme de la Crime, a small British press that focused on finding new voices in crime fiction, was recently sold to Severn House.  This has left previous owner and publisher, Lynne Patrick, with boxes of books in a warehouse, which are costing her money to store at a time when the business is winding down and the income to pay for storage isn't there anymore.  Rather than pulp the books, she would like to find good homes for them.

All books on the Creme de la Crime list, if ordered directly from her, are now 1 pound per copy, with shipping of 2 pounds if you live in the UK, or 3 pounds if shipping to the USA.  (The normal price on these books is 7.99 pounds, so this is a major bargain.)  I do not know if there's a discount on shipping if you order more than one book at a time.  She does accept credit card payments.

Creme de la Crime's website is in the new owner's hands and under construction, so I've posted a copy of their stock list at http://speedbump.peppersmithbooks.com.  Lynne can be reached at info@real-writers.com, or at the Dead Guy blog.  If you want more information about a particular book, you can find longer blurbs and reviews on Amazon.co.uk, but the sale price is only available directly from Lynne.  This is a limited-time offer, because the cost of storage will force her to pulp the remaining stock in the near future.

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