Anyone else watching it? I think it's incredibly good, and wonder if the books (by Kate Atkinson) are as good. Anyone read her?


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Is this fiction?

The Rap Sheet mentioned this as great television. But like IJ, is it real or fiction?


Fiction, completely. Interesting that people wonder, is it not?
Oh, good.  I don't like real crime.
Great program so far.
Careless of me:  I have been watching it all along, just didn't notice the title of the show. Yes, it's very good, partyicularly the latest one that starts with the train wreck.  I prerecord all PBS Masterpiece Mysteries.

Kate Atkinson's three books in this series are wonderful.  The intricate plot strings are fun as she connects the pieces.  She's also very funny.  Earlier this summer, I wrote to this string about these books.  So, pardon my

repetition, but one of her "jokes" is, in response to "I found Christ" was "Oh, was he lost?"


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