I currently have connections to Kabul, Afghanistan in that I live and work here. I am starting to write crime fiction short stories as well as novel based around the situation out here as well as posting true crime stories on my blog.

I am blogging here to see if my focus interests readers and writers? I also wanted to ask if anyone knows of any writer doing anything similar or any noir/crime fiction that focuses on the Central Asia?  Anyone able to shine a light on any other authors?  Thanks. 

DTK Molise. 

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Lots of writers! Our Tim Hallinan among them. You might check Amazon for other authors.
I have checked Amazon but cannot find much. I am not familiar with Tim Hallinan's work (sorry Tim). I would appreciate some book titles if possible.
I have just checked out Tim's work and his page on here...whilst his books certainly appeal to me Tim's books are set in South East Asia. I was thinking along the lines of Central Asia (Uzbek, Tajik, Afghan, Kazak, Kyrgyz) or South Asian (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka). Thanks.
The only crime novel from those specific regions/countries I've come across recently is THE CASE OF THE MISSING SERVANT by Tarquin Hall (set in India).

I haven't read any of Boris Akhunin's work yet (a Russian crime writer), so don't know if his stories stretch into the former Soviet regions of Central Asia.

Certainly a fertile field for crime/thriller stories I think DTK. Go for it.
Add Keating's Inspector Ghote series (India) to this. This series was miles better than his current "Detective" series.
Aussie crime writer Angela Savage is about to release her second crime novel set in Thailand. The first is called Behind the Night Bazaar.
Looks like you will have the market cornered!
I suppose that is a good thing!
I agree with Karyn. Central Asia crime scene probably is a very rich field to harvest from. But haven't seen anything from that area.
Is there anyone/anywhere who would be interested in reading Kabul-based short story that I have written in order to critique it - the harsher the better!

Also, if I decide to publish it on my blog can I still submit it to potential publications?
I have been consciously trying to read more globally in the past year plus, including participating in the 2010 Global Reading Challenge (you can read about my efforts thusfar here: http://kiwicrime.blogspot.com/2010/05/2010-global-reading-challenge...)

In terms of Asian crime, I've read crime set in Southeast Asia - Thailand (John Burdett's series) and Indonesia (Shamini Flint's Inspector Singh series), and I also have crime novels on my bookshelf to read set in India, Turkey, and China. I know there is a bit of Japanese crime too. I haven't heard anything from the Afghanistan region (although I'm sure there has been, or will be, a few military-style thrillers).

I am sure your focus would interest readers. Keep up the good work.
I know of no crime fiction from Central Asia, but good God, that part of the world has cast potential for crime writing.

For India, you might try Vikram Chandra, Akashic Books' "Delhi Noir" collection, or some of the material published by Blaft, out of Chennai, including Surender Mohan Pathak's The Sixty-Five Lakh Heist.
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