Testing.  PI's see whatcha think.  Pgh, if yes, we could continue 12 Clues here.  Start a new thread?  Whatcha think? MC

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pghfan, Snoops, Jh1, Alastair, ACFan, Basil, BritMysFan, Solar, MysteryLover, WestTexas, Randy, Guns-up, who else am I missing?  You are most welcomed.  Branch out, roam 'round, start a thread.  Our new home?!  Hope so!

What?  No idea what all this is about.

Hi I.J. Parker.  Long story shortened...we mystery buffs just learned that our A&E board community closed and all are looking for a new home.  CS may be it.  Hope so.  Anyway, we are a band of readers, "watchers" and writers and love our mysteries, mostly cozies.  We had to peddle fast to find a new home.  Again, hope it's CS.  Welcome aboard.

Well. hmm!  That's good, Tina, but since I've been here already, I'll say welcome aboard. Cozies? Not sure anybody here does cozies. The guys are into hard-boiled/noir and I write historical mysteries.

I. J., Thanks for welcoming the bunch.  They're waiting for admin to approve them.  They are a fine bunch of mystery lovers, mostly but not only cozies.  Some like Nero Wolfe, Holmes, Christie, Midsomer of course.  Well, we'll see what happens.  On behalf of the PI's, thanks for the welcome.

Group sounds like fun to me, Tina. Welcome. I read some cozies, including right now an ARC of Lucy Burdette's (AKA Roberta isleib) MURDER WITH GANACHE. She's one of the smoothest, best writers I know -- (on page 37 with no murder yet though.)

Hey, Jack.  Thanks.  Heard of MWG but haven't ventured into it.  Will try it sometime.  Our group was discussing 12 Clues of Christmas before we learned our community was closing.  I belonged to CS for some time & just thought it might work for our group.  Meantime, I see they've added Box Office for those who favor TV & movie discussions.  Might work out.  And once we get settled in, feel free to join our merry band of mystery buffs & discussions.

Went into the ether and came out the other side , took an over night reset to get thru . Just standing here looking all around.

SOLAR!!  Glad to see you.  Was getting lonely here without...not sure what to call us anymore.  lol  Anyway, more will be coming.  Anyway, yeah, look around, see whatcha think.  We could give it a try.  TD was too too for my tastes, Twit & FB doesn't have the community feel.  Goodreads mostly for books (only) though I imagine other things would be okay for discussion but really busy & quite policed.  Touchy.  And so on.  This place still has rules & regs but there not over done.  Let's see how it goes as we set up shop & see how she rolls.  No emoticons that I can see.  :-(  lol

Umm. I left Goodreads and DorothyL because of the general nastiness of some of its members.  Nastiness isn't permitted here!

I. J., goodreads is a little Big Brother for me.  We "behave" anyway so we didn't need to be lavatory break monitored.  As Daniel pretty much notes in his terms, nasties will be dealt with but we're mystery readers/writers (can handle a little grit)  lol

Welcome to everyone. It's always good to see fresh blood here. We were discussing just last week how things can get stagnant from time to time. You folks might be just the thing to pep the joint up a little.


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