Testing.  PI's see whatcha think.  Pgh, if yes, we could continue 12 Clues here.  Start a new thread?  Whatcha think? MC

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Dana, thanks!  That (stagnation) has happened to us several times.  Good poster buddies leave when a community shuts down, never to be heard from again.  So the numbers dwindle and the small, smaller, smallest group keeps chatting, running the same thing.  That's a shame. 

Anyway, the great thing here is that we all have that whodunit gene in common so we birds flock together.  Please feel welcomed in any of our discussions.

As MC (Tina) noted, we were discussing 12 Clues of Christmas by Rhys Bowen when we were unceremoniously kicked off the A&E site.  Actually, with less than 24 hours of notice!  I received a message on Monday afternoon that everything would be stopped Tuesday.   Well, we are nothing if not resilient.  This looks like a welcoming place, so "thanks" for having us here!

But why?  This makes no sense.

That's what we thought, I.J.  Looks like budget, programming, changes at the top...mysteries not welcomed there any longer.  Catering to duck calling and messy trailers seems to be the hot thing now.  And so here we are.

I'm in pgh (you going back to pgh?)  Either way is fine.  As for the 12 Clues, I've finished the book.  Thank heaven for a decent mystery to get me thru this change.  lol 

Not sure about my way around here again.  Will you start a new 12 Clue thread or carry on here?  Either way is fine by me.

I think I'll try to start a new thread for the discussion.  Perhaps tomorrow when things quiet down a bit at work.

Found it.  Thanks, pghfan.  Heard from Snoops lately?  Hope they are okay!

Sorry, I just couldn't join T D.  Did you happen to see that place?  I can just imagine what one might encounter bumping around those halls.  lol

This may be of interest to our A&E group, looking for theme based seasonal stories. Just found a gem in our Sunday paper:  The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries,  a compilation of 60 plus yuletide crime stories from anyone who is anyone in the Mystery genre, hard boiled to cozy.

Too late for this year though. My copy is unavailable at present, but I will be notified when it is in again.

It is at Amazon, $15.81 paperback and less on Kindle. If you check it out, do read the customer reviews. All A1 when I looked at it.

A treasure.  I'll check it out.  Thanks, Starfish.

I got it on the Kindle and have been reading a few of the stories.  Royal Ruby, by Christie is one of the selections.

Thanks, Pghfan.

Pghfan, assuming you are still here, I have a question, about the "Big Book of Christmas Mysteries" earlier. Have you given it a try?

I finally got the physical book from Amazon and LOVE it! It is huge, 59 short stories on 690 pages.

Learned something about Collin Dexter. Even though I liked Morse the TV show, I never read Dexter. Big mistake! I think Morse the Book is better than Morse the TV show. Colin Dexter is in my plans for 2014.

Meanwhile, the Big Book of Christmas Mysteries is my #2 go-to-book for now  -  even if it takes me to Easter. Shucks, I even take it to the beach!


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