Chestnuts for your roasting... X Is for Xmas, Writers Wanted

Hello Crimespacers,

Just the Facts:

I work for an eBookstore called

We are giving away a FREE eBook: X Is for Xmas. featuring 10 new and old Christmas capers by the likes of Sue Ann Jaffarian, Lillian Stewart Carl  Wilkie Collins, Zorro creator Johnston McCulley, pulpster William G.Bogart., and others.

This eBook is in the adobe epub format, which means it can be loaded onto Nooks, Kobos, Sony eReaders and other devices.

But Copia's free eReader for desktop (PC and Mac), iPad and Win 7 (android coming soon), lets you read the book and take notes and then share them. So you can have a conversation of sorts in the margins of the book.

I am looking for published writers who might be interested in a couple hours work reading and annotating the eBook. This means commenting on the stories, what you liked, shat you didn't. What other works the stories remind you of (we hope this feature will lead to discovery and recommendations). What lines you love. What devices and twists work for you.

Email me at for more info.

Have a killer Xmas, everyone!





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