Sorry, but I just had to ask this one to get the views of the US members of this site.  Of course, UK members can also add their thoughts.

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They never show cricket in America. Only scenes in movies, TV dramas. Looks like guys are hitting a ball like our baseball, but nobody ever catches anything that I could see. :) No clue what the rules are like.

The action can be spread out over 5 days of play (a Test or International Match).  But more recently, games that can be over in a few hours have been highly promoted (more action).  Cricket  is rich in history and stats (just like baseball).  But it is mainly played and followed in the UK and parts of the Commonwealth (former British Colonies).  It is very big on the Indian subcontinent where gambling on scores, dismissals etc has raised concerns about match fixing by bookmakers.

But once it is in your blood, its is a sport that always draws you back to it.

Oh, I thought he was talking about grasshoppers....<g>

And you must have also thought that I had missed the letter "s" out after the word "Cricket".  A completely understandable mistake...:)

I'd probably have more to say about crickets than cricket. It seems to me that the Aubrey-Maturin novels contain a famous cricket match that somehow was decided by the unorthodox play of an Irishman. I didn't understand any of it, but the books are fantastic.

I think that was in the Far Side of the World? Brilliant writer. Loved every book.

Yes, indeed.  Patrick O'Brian is the best historical fiction author by a long shot.


(Got this back to books anyhow.)  :)


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