The new crime fiction podcast, Crime City Central, debuted yesterday to rave reviews! Lawrence Block's story was funny, twisted, and a roller coaster of suspense! Come hear this wild tale at and if you have a short story that you'd like to hear on our podcast, drop me a line. We can't pay for stories, but we can increase your readership and fan base.

We're looking for 3000 - 10,000 word short stories in crime fiction. I look forward to hearing from you!!!

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Good stuff.  I'll be subscribing.

Great! Glad to have you! What did you think of the first story? Lawrence Block really is so amazing.

Interesting Site and concept. Good luck with it.

As for the stories you're looking for, do they need to be new or can they be previously published, say self-pubbed?

New or old, we prefer published, but self-published and e-published counts in this day and age. Carolyn Hart sent a story from 2001, previously published in an anthology. Joe Lansdale sent, I believe, a previously unpublished story that describes an experience in the youth of one of his iconic characters.

We're open to just about any crime fiction. We decided to reserve one show each month for the 17 and older crowd, when we'll air age-restricted stories.

We're also interested in crime fact articles, whether a "true crime" or an explanation of some crimimal nugget of info. Our word count, 3000 - 10,000, is more of a guideline than a rule (as Captain Jack Sparrow would say). We can use shorter stories to round out the length of shows or we can do several short pieces by the same author in one show.


I really hope you'll consider contributing a story!

Just listened to the first edition. Very well done. Quality recording, great narration, fantastic story.

Thank you!


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