Any regular or casual readers of Alfred Hitchcock or Ellery Queen? Any trouble finding them? Do you read them printed or digitally? Are digests still in decline or is there a market for others?

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I have a subscription to both and read about half the stories in each. The others are usually in a sub-genre I'm not interested in.
Except for those two, and the Strand, (which I'm boycotting because they don't respond to submissions) the rest pay either a small amount or nothing. That tells me there is not much of a market and that the publishers are involved in a labor of love.
If anyone knows differently, please let me know. I'm interested in any way to make dough in our field.

Thanks Jed. I imagine there are plenty of readers willing to pay to read crime fiction magazines, but publishers haven't figured out how to reach us. There was a rather surprising article about how revenue for comics (mostly due to digital) grew from 2013 to 2014, in the NYT. If comics have that much growth, why not crime fiction? 

Are you just asking about those two, or are you interested in others?  Because there are a ton of crime fiction magazines, some print, some only digital.  I wasn't aware that either AHMM or EQMM were available in digital form. 

If you're looking for short crime fiction to read try Spinetingler

There are lots of others too.

Spinetingler is a first rate site, with non-fiction and reviews, as well.

Thanks for weighing-in, Dana!

Thanks JE, these two are the most well-known, but I'm interested in any and all. I've read Grift and Needle Magazine, and currently Crimewave in print, as well as The Big Click in digital. Which of these or others are regular reads for Crimespace members?

Thanks for the link to Spinetingler, looks like a great destination!

I actually just sent a submission to Thuglit, so I'm pretty sure they're still active.  Yellow Mama is a good site for reading, non-paying for stories, but a good market just the same.

Great site! Thanks for the link!

Thanks Colman, appreciate your recommendations. The titles of these are all appealing!

I used to read Ellery Queen. It was a gift subscription but I did not renew due to cost. I would consider subscribing to similar magazines now, though.

Thanks for your comment, Jeanie! Check out their latest subscription prices at (which is their official website). They're offering specials on back issues (at the moment) $6 for 8 issues or $16 for 12 double-issues.

Thanks, Richard. It sounds like a good deal.


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