Any regular or casual readers of Alfred Hitchcock or Ellery Queen? Any trouble finding them? Do you read them printed or digitally? Are digests still in decline or is there a market for others?

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I just sent a submission to Ellery Queen magazine- 3200 short story-  The wait time for a response is 6-8 weeks. This is my first foray into short stories, after having four novels published.  Good info here for other possible mags.  I am an occasional reader of EQ/AHMM.  They both are available in digital and printed form.

Good luck on your submission, John!

Yes. Good luck! I used to send all my stories to Hitchcock, but the waiting times, and subse

I love love love Alfred Hitchcock. I read them in print, watch on TV, listen on books on tape...but nothing beats turning pages. I actually have a subscription to

Awesome! Alfred and Ellery Queen are two of the very BEST sources for short crime fiction stories. Great to hear from another reader!


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