I’ve noticed a large number of successful crime writers were journalists early in their careers. Has anyone else noticed this trend. Other than ex-police, I can’t think of any other profession so well represented.
Any thoughts.

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Amen, Pate,

It is all in the story-telling.
Very true.

The number of crime writers with no law enforcement or journalism background far outweigh the ones who do.

There's been a number of writers over the years I swore I thought had been reporters before they got in the business and were surprised to find out they hadn't.

And as far as the "inner critic." I work in a newsroom with about 50 other reporters. I know of four others who are always talking about how they want to write a book, but to this day I'm the only person who A. Has ever actually written one and B. Is seriously writing a second one.

But I chalk that up to other things. I've written fiction since I was 13 years old and I'm 33 now. I've been a reporter for eight years. I don't consider myself a reporter wanting to write a book. I consider myself a fiction writer moonlighting as a journalist until I can catch my break.
Great attitude, Cliff. I talked about it too long before I actually wrote one. Water-cooler chats are just that, someday...


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