Crimespace now has chat! So do you want to get together and use it to promote?

Romance authors seem to do chats all the time, talking up the upcoming chats on their online groups. I don't think I've been to very many mystery chats, but we could give it a try. We'd need to post on Dorothy L and the yahoo mystery groups to tell people what authors will be chatting and the time and place should get us some people. You can post an excerpt of your book (not too long) and tell the story behind writing it.
What do you think? Anyone interested?

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Hi Toni,
That was what I was angling for--just not sure how to attract readers. I was hoping that if we had a group of writers, readers might be interested. I know that people post events like chats up on Goodreads but the response seems mixed at best. Any ideas on how to attract people?
Hi Toni,
Thanks for saying that! Not sure where you're located. but the first book in the series, Safe Beginnings is available at most on-line bookstores (barnes and Nobles, Borders etc.) Or I can send you an autographed copy if you like, just send 12.00 to me through Paypal with your address. The second book, Safe House, is not yet available in print--it will come out in Late March, early April.
I do the network thing. I'm on Twitter (chduncan100) Facebook, and myspace as well as Goodreads and Eons and of course here. But to tell you the truth, most of that I would probably do anyway. I LIKE talking about mysteries and getting new ideas for my own TBR list.


Michael Phelps
Okay, anyone who is interested--let's start thinking about a date--well enough ahead so we all can publicize but not so far ahead we forget! What do you think? March? April?
The Chat service has been upgraded quite a bit. It now resides on the bottom bar of CrimeSpace. You can also easily open it in a separate popup window (click on the diagonal arrow) and leave it open all day long! :)


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