CrimeSpace's IJ Parker Featured on Crime City Central Podcast

From Crime City Central, it's the first chapter of The Emperor's Woman by our own IJ Parker.


Listen to it being read by the vocal talents of Summer Brooks here (it will open a new window and download the podcast).

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Hmm.  I have yet to hear it.  The link gives me another reading, and the link provided by Crime City Central also didn't manage to get me there.  I hope it's a decent performance.  Readers can screw a book up terribly or else make it better than it is on the page.

Thanks for the mention, Benjamin.

The whole podcast is done well. You don't see the streaming player on the home page?

It has a Steve Hockensmith reading.  But thanks for telling me.  That's great.

I see I just sold 3 more copies.  Bless'em!

It's all rolled into one podcast. Start listening at the 3-minute mark.

Ahh.  Thanks.

Well done!

Thank you.  :)


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