I have some artists who are young and talented and have done a couple of my book covers. Now we're talking about doing a YouTube-style video short ad. The question is: do these videos work? Splashing them everywhere across the net should logicially help sales, right? But is there any proof they've helped?

Anyone got a thought on the subject?

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I've done a video for each of my three novels so far -- you can see them on my Crimespace page. While I can't be sure they help sales, I believe they secure your place in the mind of those who DO read your books more firmly. For example, I've had emails from readers who say they've enjoyed seeing some of the locations from my books in the videos. That's useful to me, because my books are set in Palestinian towns where few readers are likely to venture. But I think it'd be an important factor even for a novel that took place in NYC or LA. I expect video, like blogs, DOES help sales somewhat. More important, though, is that it keeps you in the minds and imaginations of your readers in between books.

Good point about using videos to keeping you in the minds and imaginatins of your readers. In other words, a good video now about the current book might guarantee a sale down the road on the next book.


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