Sound off if you have your own Web site (or one specifically for your book). Your publisher's site doesn't count. You must be master of this domain. Mine has two URLs: and

Twitter and Facebook don't count. Blogs, well, OK.

Following up question: How did you build it? Was it free online software? Did you pay someone to build it for you? I made mine using

Let's hear them.

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There are a ton of WYSIWYG programs out there which are easy to learn and fun to create with. Pablo 5 is the one I used to build my two. What's also nice is there are lots of animation sites on the web where you can get free animation and add it your site--if you're into that stuff. On my main website, Preditiors&Editors voted it as one of the best.

my main website
I created my own website, although it was based on a free template courtesy of Iron Spider.

Please take a look. I’m open to ideas for improvement, so comments are most welcome.

Here's a tale of web woe!
I had for four years. My domain and hosting were with different companies (partially due to moving countries) and in December both were up for renewal. I decided to merge them but it was the worst decision I've ever made. The transfer was a mess and the domain went into redemption (which means it is about to be deleted and released back into the wild). On Feb 15 the domain became available again but was immediately snapped up by a cyber squatter. Reported it to ICANN who have essentially told me to pay the squatter. I've also contacted Regain Domain who apparently help people retrieve their domains but after emailing them twice I've yet to get a reply.
Now I've hosting plan with no website. I'm thinking of buying a different domain but really want my own one back.

So a word of advice. If you're domain is coming up for renewal, do it quickly. I probably left it too late and have paid the price. Would love to hear if this has happened to anyone else.
Tough break, Eoin, I feel for you.

Gotta jump on those renewals. Squatters will charge you anything to give it back. The best way to avoid this is to set up an auto renewal with your hosting service.

However, I've heard of people taking squatters to court and winning their sites back. Has to do with using your brand name and false representation, or something like that.
I love blogging! Since I began blogging seriously in May, 2009, I've received over 43,000 hits. You can reach it by clicking here: Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso. My latest post deals with the question of whether authors should ask for money for reading their works online.

It's a WordPress blog, and it was absolutely free to create. It functions like a website in that it has static pages. I posted the first chapters of both my books there. Blogger/BlogSpot has just gotten around to adding this feature. I find WordPress very user-friendly, and it's helped me transcend my technophobia. I also have a web page hosted by GoDaddy, but it's obsolescent and badly needs updating, so I don't even give out the address.
Go over and take a look at my dedicated web site for the police-procedural novels I write at:

That's another Pablo 5 WYSIWYG program.
My writer/director/producer wife created my website – – using Rapidweaver shareware on a G4 Mac laptop. She did this just after perfecting the 25 hour day. Then she made the book trailers for three of my novels which are on the site and on YouTube. She’s the only person I know who can operate her right and left brain sides independently and also in tandem. She’s one hell of a muse, can punctuate like the devil and is my editor of first and last resort. And if she thinks something I’ve written sucks she tells me. Doesn’t like to cook though, so I guess no one is perfect.
Sweet site. Great work.

Chip Giles
Thanks, Chip.
That's a hell of a bio you've there and great background for a writer. I forgot to mention we also use the free Statcounter software to see who has been visiting the site and from where so I guess you are in Georgia right at the moment.

Sure do! I built it myself. It's not as polished as others I have seen, but it is functional. Check it out!

Chip Giles
The Conch Killers
My name is Karen Tyrrell and I'm an Australian multi-genre writer.
I have a website My son bought this website for me as a Christmas/ birthday present. Great son, eh? Its based on a Wordpress site but he's added features and extended it.
Every week I BLOG about my Pro-active Quest to Publishing and I share Writing tips.
In Australia my BLOG is rated # 51 with a bullet as a TOP writing BLOG.
I have 3 Books that are NOW being considered by Publishers and/ or Agents.
"Sayonara" ... Crime Faction
"Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness" ... memoir
"Josh and the It" ... Kids Sci-Fi

Karen :))
Nice to meet you! I like the banner image on your site. Also like the workplace photo. I've never known of an extra absorbent towel being an author essential, but I'll give it a try.


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