guess it's OK to toot somebody else's horn. This latest novel from Robert Ferrigno--a member of this group--is a buck today, and that's a hell of a deal.

I just read it and it was so great to have one of Robert's books in hand again. I'll be frank here--it's not his greatest work. But he's a super-fine writer, so it's still well worth reading. The whole "eco-tree-hugger thugs" bit is worth it.

If you aren't familiar with Robert's work, this is a good opportunity to ease into it. I noticed several reviews saying they were going to read his best-selling "Assassin" series next--I'd suggest that if you like this one, and are big on the crime niche, go all the way back to his California noir stuff like "Horse Lattitudes" a truly remarkable book.

But snapping this one up at a dollar is a total no-brainer.

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