Folks I don't know if I'm filing this in the right category on the site, but after much nagging I've put together a website -- Barrett take note. Still some work to do on it -- a couple of links are repeated -- when I get back from France, but you can find it at Feedback welcome. Best to all, Lee

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Lee -- The link to read your prelude & 1st chapter doesn't work...
Generally it's best to post this on your member blog, not the forum. But since you're asking for feedback and you've already had some, I'll leave this post as is.
From Lee: Sorry if I placed this is the wrong spot. I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to sign in at all. Anyway, I did click on the link and the prelude/first chapter of FFJ did come up for me. The great lady who did my site will be with me in Marseille next week and I'll get her to sort out any difficulties as they arise. Thanks, Lee


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