Does anyone still read Len Deighton? I see Le Carre feted all over the place and now even authors such as Alan Furst but Deighton' spy novels seem to have gone out of fashion.

Maybe it's because he doesn't seem to be writing anymore and hasn't addressed the contemporary espionage issues away from the Cold War era.

I'm about to re-read "Funeral in Berlin" and can recommend it to any other lovers of Spy Fiction.

"The Ipress Files" can at times be hard going but people should also try his 80s based "Game, Set and Match", "Hook, Line and Sinker" and "London, Berlin, Moscow" trilogy of trilogies featuring the British spy, Bernard Samson.

C'mon, people, time to put Deighton back on the spy fiction map where he belongs... at the top!

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I believe Len Deighton's last book came out in 2012, a nonfiction ebook. While he seems best known for his spy novels,  his work actually ranges from cooking books to war novels to nonfiction historyl books.

But, yes, I loved his so-called Harry Palmer books.


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