Might have mentioned this before from folks more knowledgeable, but apparently not to my satisfaction. I was wondering if printed books might somehow be published at prices so reasonable that they would be irresistible. Sure, the computer and ebooks are here forever, but it shouldn't mean physical books are dead. No, they're not yet, but just how cheaply can they be produced without resorting to the Expresso machine?

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Yes, I'm in expanded distribution.  I sent them an e-mail.  No answer yet.  Thanks for letting me know, David.

They answered.  This hinges indeed on expanded distribution. I've enrolled my books fairly recently, and it takes 6 to 8 weeks for them to become available in Canada.  It least there's some hope.

I'm curious to know how people are marketing their printed titles. I think print will be around for a long time. Perhaps Borders should have had enough sense to shutter its big box stores and seek out smaller spaces. I think a small 1200 sq ft space will work. Wish Barnes&Noble would do that. I rarely click on Amazon to just browse for books. But I will stop in to a bricks and mortar place to browse.

I agree with you, Charles. I buy from Amazon when I know what I want and go get it, not by browsing. As for B&N stores, they're three-quarters toys and other stuff, not books. Its too bad really.

But I think smaller, niche style bookstores will be the wave of the future and will start to pop up more and more. There is data suggesting more and more indie book stores are opening up. Something I'd like to see.


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