I have not participated for quite a while. I suffered some serious eye problems, which I hope is now in the past. Then several week ago, my computer crashed and am fumbling around on one of these God-Forbiden laptops.


Many months ago we were taliking about an e-publishing site that some were beginning to us ... can someone please post the source informaton on it ... it went bye-bye wtih the crash.


Thank you,



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Glad you're back with us, Garry!
Welcome back, Garry -- I'm not sure but I think the author's co-op thing sort of died on the vine. Jon McFetridge had set up a Ning for it, but I'm not sure whether it's still up and/or operational. I'm a member but haven't gotten any messages for a lonnnngggg time...
Hi, Garry.  I have no recall what that was.  Wish I could help.

Welcome back Garry.  I hope your eye problems are done and all is well with you.  I haven't heard any news on that co-op.  From minervaK's post it looks like the idea is kaput. 

You may become used to the laptop.  I started with a PC but now use a laptop exclusively. 


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