This site has been practically dead for the last week and barely breathing for months now.

Given that plus the fact that I'm practically the only one to check in several times a day and post whenever possible, I was very unhappy to find that I was shut out and had to re-register. What's up with that, Daniel, especially since the sign-up is complicated and requires knowing the owner of the site?



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Long answer!  :)

Good to see you here again, Caroline. In the meantime, another member, Andrew from Manchester, England, has exchanged some mail with me so I wasn't totally deprived. :)

But I'll give a new topic a shot. It doesn't really matter how long they run.  They tend to run long only when we argue.

only when we argue.

But that's when they're the most fun! :)

There's that.

Hi I. J.,

Good post.  I do check in twice a day, but as Andrew said I only comment if I think I can add something of value.

It is too bad there is not more activity.  I think I am familiar with the other sites concerning our genre and none are as good as this one.  So I don't know why there isn't more activity.

One thing of interest--I have a story up on Spinetingler about a writer and how he deals with rejection.  

Congrats on the story, Jed.


I think it's not that we don't care but rather that we get really busy.


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