I'm a blogger (www.bkwriter.blogspot.com) in Indianapolis and while I'm not officially connected with Bouchercon, I thought it'd be cool to have a series of guest author bloggers who are coming to Bouchercon before the big event. My hope is that local print/media/blogsphere will pick up on it and generate some interest.

What can you guest blog about? I'm pretty open -- how you got started writing, why you like cons, what your new book is about, ???.

Shoot me a reply here or email (bkwarner@gmail.com) to let me know if you're interested in guest blogging and I'll get you on the schedule.


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Hi Bethany,
I'm interested and I'm a mystery author who is attending Bouchercon. I could blog about how readers of a craft mystery series automatically assume the author is an expert at that craft and give hints for making gift baskets, the craft in my Claire Hanover gift basket designer mystery series.
- Beth
Hi Bethany,

I'd be happy to blog about almost any topic, but it might make sense for me to blog about writing short stories, since it won't be long before my published short stories (3) outstrips the number of novels (1) I've had published.

So despite the fact that I've never had any particular aspirations to be a short story writer, I seem to have somehow become one. I could write about how I sort of blundered my way into doing them.

Debbi --
I'd love to have you as a blogger.

Shoot me an email at bkwarner@gmail.com and we'll work the details!
I enjoyed Bouchercon last year but I'm not coming to Indianapolis - I'm too busy blogging! Holding out for San Francisco the following year. I might be interested in guest blogging, though, if you're open to other offers. I'll check out your site and be in touch.

Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso
That might be fun. I am going to Bouchercon.
Toni --
Glad you're interested. Shoot me an email at bkwarner@gmail.com and we'll talk topics and timeline.

Hi, Bethany:
I'm interested. My first mystery BLEEDER came out in August and this will be my first Bouchercon. I can talk about how switching genres saved my writing career.
Yes, especially since I also live in Indy.
Hi Bethany,

You've got a great idea there! This will be my third B-Con, although I've spoken at lots of other mystery conferences throughout the country over the last three years since my first suspense novel Deadly Choices (www.jenniespallone.com, http://jenniespallone.blogspot.com) came out. B-Con is usually an overwhelming, massive event and both authors and fans must "spell" themselves from emotional, informational, and physical overload! The intriguing thing about the Conference is that authors and fans from all over the world have a venue to come together and informally interact. Like they say, we're all the same when we go...you get the gist!


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