Hello all. It's been a long time since I last posted here so I thought I would start afresh.
My name is Rich and I am the Audio Production Manager at Electric Breeze Audio Productions Ltd based in Oxford.

One of our many audio related services is to provide audiobook recording facilities to UK based publishers. We also provide promotional services to unpublished authors that would like to take advantage of podcasts to promote their works. For more details on this please visit our website address at the end of this post.

My main reason for posting today is to tell you all of a new Audio-publisher called 'Books Are Loud' (BAL). BAL were formed by five students doing their MA in creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. Their wish was to join the fast growing audiobook market as opposed to the traditional hard copy route. With our help they now have five titles for sale both on 'Audible.co.uk' and through our own website at Breeze.

We are now working very closely with BAL on what we believe is a fantastic opportunity for new writing talent as opportunities for writers seeking traditional routes are dwindling fast.

Following their successful launch at the Manchester Met (attended by many including Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy) 'BAL' are now actively seeking new talent. Please be advised that there is a cost, HOWEVER this is a fraction of normal hard copy production (and also audio production) costs. Also being audio, there are no other production costs involved once the work has been created. No extra print or re-run costs, no worries about distribution costs and returns for unsold copies.

Your work will be made available to the largest audiobook shop in the world, read by professional audiobook narrators and produced to the highest standards. Most importantly it's working, with BAL titles already receiving positive online reviews! Check out the Audible page:


This is by no means vanity publishing as BAL are only interested in quality. Although their website stipulates that applicants should ideally have an MA in creative writing this is not a rule. BAL was created by writers to help writers.

For more information please visit their website - http://www.booksareloud.co.uk

For those interested in our 'Bookplugs' Podcast promotional service please visit our site here:

Many thanks for reading and I hope this may be of interest to some of you!

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Hmm, money is supposed to flow toward the author, not away.  I got paid rather handsomely for audio versions of my books.

Good for you I.J and long may the royalty flow!...

Indeed I should have mentioned that this is not a one way deal and that there will be royalty return for sales! That of course should go without saying

As your post confirms, there is money to be made from audiobooks. For those not fortunate enough to have a conventional publishing deal this route offers an option and I would encourage those interested to fully investigate what's on offer before making any kind of judgement based on a brief post.



The reading of the text and the production costs can be significant.  Are you suggesting that author and producer share in the up-front expense?


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