I'm just beginning the second season and after season one I have to say, I'm lukewarm on the series. First, I think the performances are outstanding, especially Kevin Spacey. The stories are interesting and the scripts are well done. It has pace, thrills and deep character development, and I've even gotten use to Spacey breaking the fourth wall and addressing the audience directly.

So why am I not over the moon about it like so many others seem to be? It took me a while to figure that out but I think I've got it. I don't like (or even sympathize) with any of the characters. None of them. I think maybe I'm supposed to, but that causes me a problem. I have no one to root for so I just don't care about the situations they get themselves in.

I'll watch the rest of season two and enjoy it, but not love it. Does anyone else feel this way?

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They're not relatable. 

That's exactly it. I just cant get into the characters.

I'm coming in late to this discussion, just discovered Cards on Netflix. Must say I am addicted to it, not quite finished with Season 3 yet. As a writer, I can only admire the constant tension driven plot. Things always go from bad to worse. Also, as a writer, i don't believe one must "Like" a character, in order to identify with him/her. After all, we all have our (pick one or several) blind spots, perversions, obsessions, past bad deeds. 

Sure, FU (dont ya love it? has his evil side, but don't we all?  I can identify with one of his sayings: Sometimes it is more difficult and courageous NOT to ... say what's on your mind ... confess something ... whatever. I forget the exact quote: it's after Claire admits to the Russkies that she was there when the gay captive committed suicide.


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