How do you get a book published that is not a crime novel?

I wote a novel that has an ethnic slant about growing up in South Philadelphia as an Italian American Catholic. It basically deals with the conflict between the Italian desire to live life to the fullest and the Catholic influence which stifles human passions. It's a comic/dramatic work targetd to baby boomers. But, since my first novel was a murder mystery, I have found that it is difficult to expand ouside of the genre. Any thoughts or advice on this topic are appreciated.

Gus Cileone

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You could change your name. It's a very common practice.
Jack is right. Even biggies like James Paterson have difficulties branching off into different genres. It's easier to just come up with a pen name and go with it. Now, can you convince your agent the book is worthwhile?
Check for agents who have handled similar books.
I think it's all about the agent--if he/she is hot for the project, it should have a good shot. I'm lucky in that my agent is interested in all of my various projects: mystery, memoir, poetry and lit-fic. She doesn't have the big gun sales power I'd like sometimes, but she's willing to work with me on just about anything I produce. Life is full of such trade-offs, of course.
Jon--at least you have an agent, buddy.
I feel your pain.
The pseudonym is a good idea, but waiting might be better. Adding another one or two murder mystery books to your catalog should give you more flexibility in the long run. A publisher or agent might be more willing to pick you up if you can show them you've proven yourself in one genre.

That isn't to say you haven't already. Just my thoughts.
This is going to be difficult. Not impossible, but very difficult. Agents and publishers tend to specialize. Once they've worked out what you are, according to their rather limited classifications, they are very reluctant to allow you to change.
My own solution was to change agent and publisher and to go with a small independent publisher. I've not regretted the move, working with the smaller publisher was a good experience, and the resultant published novel looked, smelled, and felt the same as many of my previous books. In promotional terms it got more or less the same treatment as the novels published by mainstream publishers, i.e. very little, but editorially and design-wise it fared much better . . . I'm still promoting it, the reviews are good, so all in all the experience is what I would have wished.
Maybe it would be easier to insert a crime within this background as a sub plot? Easier to place a novel which is in a similar genre to your earlier one.


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