This really is a request for bright ideas, not a sneaky form of BSP. My new book is scheduled for publication on October 13, 2009, when many CrimeSpacers, including me, will be arriving in Indianapolis. I have a New York party scheduled for later in the month, but it would be great to celebrate with so many reader and writer friends while we're all in one place. My first move was to ask the con organizers, who would be delighted to help me do something at the hotel but told me the cost would be prohibitive. If your next thought is, "She should ask her publisher," I plan to do that, but I'm not at the level (second book, hardcover only so far) at which they are likely to spend promotion dollars. So I need some creative ideas, especially from Bouchercon veterans.

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Hi Elizabeth! If it was one of my books, I'd suggest launching it from a high window with a large sling-shot. Your books probably deserve better treatment than that.

This seems like the sort of thing that fellow - is it J.A. Konrath? - is good at. I remember reading his blog about self-promotion.

I keep thinking some sort of reception/party type event, but I'm not sure. I don't have a book and am a conference virgin, though I'm planning to attend since it is so close (and I'm going to Killer Nashville).


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