So, recently, I embarked on a little mission: to put together a list of short mystery fiction markets, paying and non-paying, print and electronic. I was just going to make a nice little excel sheet, but decided I'd share on my little web site (

I know those e-zines come and go like bad transient workers, and often are labors of love/hobbies, but I'm including the ones I can confirm are active.

Some of the lists I've found seem to be lacking quite a few e-zines, and many seem to have dead links or inactive pubs.

Right now, I have a list of about 25 or so "active publications" - print and electronic - and I have about 10 up on my web site right now - I'll get the rest up throughout the day today and tomorrow.

Please feel free to feed me any short fiction "markets" that should be included. I'll be happy to put them up. Likewise let me know if there are any markets that should be excluded. You can post here or e-mail me a

AND I'd love to include anthologies but that's not an arena I'm very familiar with. So any information there will be useful.


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The Short Mystery Fiction Society has a list of markets on their website, but I don't know how current it is. Go to : to check it out. Also, you can join the society free (it's a yahoogroup) and exchange information on markets with other short mystery fiction writers there. Also, two mystery anthology publishers are:
Wolfmont Press at
Red Coyote Press at
Yea, I checked their list. Some of the markets are a little out of date but the list is missing what seems to be quite a few of the e-zines (again, not real sure how active those are). I'll add the two anthology publishers!

Thank you Beth.
I'm the markets coordinator for the short mystery fiction society. It has been a while since I've updated the website, but I do try to post new markets to the yahoo group. :-)
This is an audio market, but you could include it - Seth harwood's crimeWAV -
I shall post it over the weekend.
Bless, your heart because I did one for small press publishers, and I said, why not do one for e-zines, well, it was taking up far too much of my time. Maybe it was me and I just wasn't going about the whole thing properly, but I only found a few, while submitting short stories, I found it very annoying to find ones that were out of print so thanks so much for doing this.


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