I know I haven't been on this site very long and don't pretend to know it all, but I do have a lifetime of experience in certain fields. I am more than willing to help most anyone with informations within those fields.


Fields that I have indepth knowledge:


Hunting (most species East of the Mississippi River)

Trapping (most of species East of Mississippi River

Fishing (Most fresh wate speices East of Mississippi River)

Law Enforcement during the 1960s, 70s & 80s

Criminal behavior 1960s thru 1980s

Criminal Photgraphy 1960s thu 1980s

Land management of large and small parcels of land

Game management (including raising, pheasant, duck & quail)

Behind the scenes in Politics

Marriage/ Divorce

Theater (Acting and directing)

Writing & Illustrating Instruction manuals



I do have knowledge in other areas, but these are my strongest areas. One never knows what twists and turns in a novel might lead you into one of these fields.





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Well, I notice a typo in my post above. My mss. are very clean, not because I'm doing such a good job, but because I've readers and do multiple checks. On the negative side: I don't touch type, so I miss things, and I do so many revisions that the changes produce new screw-ups.

A lot of the copy editing involves house style. I don't bother to learn that. They don't turn out loyal enough to make that a reasonable investment of my time. I also am horribly vague on hyphens and capitalizing of titles. The rest is usually a copy editor changing things to please himself.
LOL! ... That is perfectly okay ... If you notice that the dummy that started this post misspelled "Willingly" in the title. It just proves that we are human ... and ... "Let he that has not typoed cast the first stone".



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