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"Moist"?  Why?  Are they nuts?


I don't see much in this article that adds any insight to our language problems.

But I enjoyed reading.  Thanks.

It's a very idiosyncratic list. The way some people vocalise "moist" does make my fingers cramp.

Well one thing's for sure - you can't eliminate 'trousers': here in the UK we don't use 'pants' except maybe to talk about underpants, occasionally. Trousers rule.

I'd like to suggest 'vampire' if it gets rid of all those damn YA books flooding the airwaves ...

:) By the same token, "knickers" aren't commonly understood (I almost said "used") in the U.S.

"But without “moist,” how would bakers, meteorologists, and amateur pornographers describe slight wetness?

I would suggest "damp." Sounds a lot better than moist.


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