While sitting here thinking about the next turn of events in my novel ... I decided to run the first 8 chapters through the online program that tells you who write like and was surprised to find out it said Raymond T. Chandler.

One of my main past times for the last thirty years has been doing genealogy research. One of my main family names (mother's side) is Chandler. So I was wondering if Raymond Chandler could be a relative. I just spent the last couple of hours researching it and have found out that Raymond Chandler is in fact a 6th cousin. It is always a little exciting to find a connection to notable people of the past that I am related to.


Of course this doesn't make me a better writer, but interesting none the less. Do others on here have connections to other notable writers? I have quite a list of other notable people in my tree, but this is the most currant writer.


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You know what this means now. You have to start dressing up like Philip Marlowe. The cigarette dangling from the month is optional.
You mean like this?

Now that is what I call a good pi photo.
Thanks CJ ... that was me in 1977 ... I was playing the part of "Bogey" in the stage production of "Play it again Sam".

I'd say you have a great excuse to drink like a fish.


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