I have just finished reading and reviewing a book called 'Evil Shadows' and absolutely shocked by this true story.  I think in this day and age of internet use, everyone should be aware of the potential risks we are taking.  And reading of another persons experience, as sad as it is, may alert us to more caution.  The author, Rick Hallock, shares his trauma but also gives many links and resources to educate and help.  I am providing the authors website link and link to my review. 

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While I was teaching at university in China someone here in the UK applied for a mortgage in my name.  The bank refused. No idea who it was or what happened to them but I had sent a letter to all my banks etc. closing all accounts and getting rid of all credit cards.  Whoever it was clearly did not know this.

Glad your bank was on top of things and you took steps to protect yourself. Must be a horrible experience knowing someone is trying to use your identity. Hope all is well now.


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