Hello everyone,

I'm Ronald, I know this because my name is on the top of my page :), I'm new here and already people have been kind enough to leave me comments. I think I'm going to like it here. Ummm, not sure what there is to say about myself but I'm open to questions if anyone is interested in getting to know me. I'm a huge fan of crime novels/mystery.

So with that I guess I'll open the discussion to any and all....

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Welcome, Ronald.  This is a great site.

Thank you I.J. Just got a chance to view your website, very impressive.


Thanks, Ronald.  I have a webmaster, but I do all the text and select the illustrations. Keep in mind, I've been writing for a while.  :)

Hello Ronald, I'm new here too. I understand about not knowing what to say about oneself, other than that one loves whodunits! I'm looking forward to meeting other people who like mysteries and finding new books and authors to enjoy.

Best regards,
Leni Pearce


Hi Ronald, welcome!  I write crime, and enjoy reading crime. 



Me too...crime is cool...*in case government is reading* In books! Crime is cool in books!


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