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Haven't been on here in a while, but thought anyone who's iPadded-, Kindled- or Nooked-up would want to be made aware that L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories is FREE on Amazon, bn.com, the iBookstore etc. for the next week (and 99 cents after that).


Check out the lineup--you know you guys want it (and the artwork is amazing too...)


And please excuse the BSP--but hey, I didn't write any of the stories and it's a giveaway, so I'm not sure that it really counts.

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Wow!  A publisher who gives away something?  I thought that was only done by independent authors.

Well plenty of publishers do giveaways through blogs, etc. And I personally remember being super-psyched when I discovered Ballantine was doing a promotional freebie e-book of PERSUADER through Lee Child's website when they were promoting GONE TOMORROW as their current front-list Reacher book.


You should check out the collection, I.J., if you have an e-reader or can read on your computer--there's a Lawrence Block story in it that's absolutely amazing (pretty much all of them are really good, but that and the Megan Abbott ones are my personal faves).

Ah, sounds good, but I've got a story in a brand new collection called SHAKEN, put together by our own Tim Hallinan, and with this one, all proceeds go to Japan relief. I haven't read all the great stories in it yet, but Tim says the whole book is absolutely terrific.  It should come up on Amazon any day now.  Only 3.99!

Will blog about this special book later.


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