Is anyone going to LCC in Los Angeles next week? I'd love to meet any CrimeSpacers who might be there.

I'm moderating two panels on Friday:

WANNA BE A WRITER, with L.J. Sellers, Jason Pinter and Melodie Johnson Howe, and the panel and launch for ORANGE COUNTY NOIR, with Gary Phillips, Nathan Walpow and Bob Levinson.

I'm appearing on the SUPERNATURAL MYSTERIES panel, which is moderated by Juliet Blackwell, and with Kat Richarson, Sue Ann Jaffarian and moi.

And as a Lefty Award nominee, naturally, I can't wait for the Saturday night banquet. I going to meet any of y'all?


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I live near 3rd and La Cienega. But LCC? Is that LACC? Over on Western, I think? I might show up. Need time, building, etc.
LCC is Left Coast Crime 2010, which is a mystery convention that floats through the western states. This year it will be held at the Omni Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. I think 2011 will be in Santa Fe. Sorry, but only those registered are able to attend. Fan conventions are an interesting phenomenon in the mystery world, as well as other genres. Fans attend to discover new authors and gather with other readers, and authors connect with new readers and sell books. I should have been clearer about it.
Wish I could, Kris.
Good luck, Kris.
I'll look for you, Colin. Since we both have Friday morning panels, we could end up in the signing room at the same time.

Thanks for the good wishes, Jack.
Hi Kris,

I'll be there, and I'm planning on going to your panel. You're actually one of the writers I wanted to meet since I signed up for a class with you at UCLA Extension awhile back but had to drop out midway through. Congrats on the Lefty nomination!

Hi Holly -- I remember your name. I love getting to meet online students in person! I'm looking forward to meeting you.
I'm registered as a fan--which I am--but I'm also a writer who is working on my first cozy manuscript.

There are so many interesting sessions that I'm having a really hard time deciding on which panels to attend. During some of the time slots, there are two or three panels that I want to see.

Colin's "They Kill 'em" panel is one that I'll definitely attend. And I'll be at the awards banquet Saturday night.

Melissa Eiselein
I'll watch for you, Melissa. It'd be great to meet some CrimeSpace'rs there.
Left Coast is proving to be a great, well-run convention. I moderated two panels this morning, then went on a great walking tour of downtown LA. I lived here for years and never knew that stuff. I've gotten to meet Holly and Melissa so far. Later...


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