Not quite on topic, but I'm absolutely bowled over by the quality of that show. It took me a while to catch on, though I thought it a good program from the beginning, but now into the second year I see it's absolutely brilliant.  I didn't know television had it in it.  In fact, I was convinced that "mediocre" was about the best one could hope for.


Who knew in the age of reality shows?

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My wife and I have been big fans since the first season. Fun to have a show you look forward to.

Yep.  One of our favorites.  We're currently watching season 4--so not quite caught up.  We're big fans of Downton Abbey, too--it's the best soap opera ever made, just about. 

Yes, Downton Abbey is also very good, but MAD MEN is simply so astonishing.  I had no idea American TV could rise to that level.  It's immensely encouraging.  Just think:  there may be more good stuff in the future, and I can stop watching endless reruns of MASH.

Ah, the stuff I'll never see due to not having cable. lol (Or the money to buy the stuff on DVD/VoD.)

Check your local library. I'm lucky enough to have one that lends DVDs of popular TV shows, which is how I got to see 'Justified.'

Bonus: no ads!

I had the same reaction to "Justified," which I watched on DVD a few months ago. Interesting to me is that all these "groundbreaking" series are coming out on the for-pay channels. The day I pay to watch TV is the day I jump off a bridge.

I don't have pay-channels, and I get Mad Men.  Downton Abbey is on PBS.  Will look for "Justified".  Thanks. Minerva.

And while you're at it, "The Shield" is classic crime watching, too.

Thanks.  Noted.

Loved that one.

Well, I live in the armpit of America (where TV is concerned), and I would have to buy cable TV to see Mad Men here. My library might carry it, though -- although I'll admit I'm not really burning to see it. But then, I wasn't burning to see Justified, either, until I heard Terry Gross interview Timothy Olyphant on Fresh Air. The fact that you like Mad Men, I.J., makes me curious. I'll have to check it out.

Fortunately, we DO get PBS for free and I admit that I also fell into the Downton Abbey abyss. Absolutely loved it.

Is this because until now TV has been free to watch?

Cable TV shows don't have to answer to sponsors so it has changed the content quite a bit and to me that's worth paying for. I usually get Mad Men episodes from iTunes for $1.99 - not a bad deal for something that cost a milion dollars to produce, really ;).


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