Will an any of you be at Malice? I'll be leaving tomorrow for an appearance at the Central Library in Columbia, MD, and then it's onto Malice. I'll be appearing at the Genre-Go-Round on Friday morning at 10 am, and on the Urban Fantasy panel at 2:50 on Saturday. I'd love to see some of you there. Look me up if you're there.

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I won't be going to Malice. I always consider it, then futz around until I have something else scheduled for that weekend and don't go. I should make an early commitment for next year and just get it over with.

I live not far from Columbia. When will you be at the library? I'll make a run up if I'm not already booked.
Dana, it's at 7 pm at the Central Library, 10375 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia, MD, tomorrow (Thursday, 4/29). It's the Mysterious Women Panel. Here's what the library wrote about it:

Award-winning sisters-in-crime authors include Elaine Viets, Kris Neri, Beth Groundwater, Meredith Cole, L.C. Hayden, Debbie Mack, and Joanna Campbell Slan. These talented women discuss writing mystery series and stand-alone novels, their characters, and latest projects. Books available for purchase and signing. Part of the "Meet the Author" series.

Malice is probably the best organized of any convention because it has a standing committee, while the other conventions go from city to city, and the committees have to reinvent everything. It's really more for cozies, but some noir authors appear there as well, and many of the fans read everything. There's a strong bias toward local authors there. Since you live close, it could be an easy, cheaper way to get a handle on conventions.
Sorry I missed you last night, Kris. The wife and I both had traffic issues coming home from work, and going to Columbia from our place wouldn't have got us there anywhere close to in time.

Thanks for the info on Malice. I've thought about going a few times, but every time I look at their site it seems to be wholly devoted to cozies, which, frankly, often make me cringe. (I'm a hard-boiled guy from way back.) Your comments--and those of a couple of others--have shown me that's not completely the case. I'll have to remember that for next year and not be put off by the web site.

I hope you're going next year, and I'll see you then.
I totally understand. I arrived home late last night and just collapsed today.

Maybe we will connect next year.
Have fun, Kris.
Thanks, Jack. So far I"m having huge fun.


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