I have a piece on my page that I want to remove but it won't let me. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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Have you looked at the Help tab on the menu at the top of the page? There may be something there that will help you.
What part of the page are you trying to remove? You may not be able to.
I'm trying to remove my novel excerpt. When I got to try to get an agent, I don't want them to not select me because part of my novel is published elsewhere. If I can't is my only option to remove my profile and reestablish it?
It looks like a Text Box. You should be able to click on an Edit button at the top right of the box, then delete all the text in the main area (select it all and hit delete or backspace). After that, click on Save and you should be done.
If your excerpt is only a few pages, it shouldn't be a problem with agents/publishers. I include two one-page excerpts on my author website from each of my novels, with the full permission of my publisher.
Did you have permission before you posted them? And were you published before that? My concern is that I'm not published yet so I don't want to risk it becoming an issue. And thank you Daniel. Hopefully that works.


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