Newbie and fledgling writer here. I know, double whammy. You might want to control your laughter on this question. I've been debating, with myself, about my moniker. I'm thinking I should drop my maiden name, May, and drop the Mc in McKane and leave my name short and sweet... Sharon Kane.


What are your thoughts?

Thanks... Sharon

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Honestly? I think it sounds too ordinary. I like May McKane better. But then, look at mine.

Hmm. I checked out your website. Great name! Great website! Thanks for your input.
er, I didn't mean that to sound like 'look at my website!' I just meant that I write under a somewhat unusual pen name, so my opinion on your moniker would of course be in favor of something more unusual. Thanks for looking, though!
You're welcome.
Hmm, I like Sharon McKane - (and I don't think you can go with Sharon Kane, due to the 'google issue'!) although there seems to be a Sharon McKane (author) on the net already - as long as this is you, you're good to go! But I also agree with BR - the initials thing is often used, and it works well for crime writers, in that readers don't know just from the cover whether the author is male or female (I've heard this can make a difference in some instances!).
Thank you. I have a lot to think about and yes, that's me or is it I?
I can't believe a porn star shares what I thought would be a great moniker. I wonder if she writes?
I would like to thank everyone for responding to my moniker question. I'm thoroughly confused and yes, Sharon McKane is how I registered on one of the sites for writers. I submitted my novel, Gumshoe Goddess, into the Minotaur contest and recently started to think about my name because the winner is going to be notified the end of this month. Not that my head is swollen enough to think that I might win, but I might be worthy of a critique.
Once again, thank you... Sharon
Hah! Good contest. Was asked to judge and had to beg off. Too much work. Good luck!
Thank you for the good luck wishes. I respect the author that read mine and hope my ms was memorable to her. Interestingly, I read her bio and writing tips and it's obvious I might not fit the norm. I don't know what the proper terminology might be, but my reader knows who committed the crime. The suspense surrounds the detective that is hired to solve it. I wonder if that disqualifies me. The hardest thing for me of late--resisting sending her an emal.
Well, they can disqualify you only if your detective isn't a private eye, that is, working for himself and taking the job for money. My own books rarely qualify, because mine is usually a civil servant. I am already regretting this when I see how I'll never get a chance at the Shamus again.
Whew! She is definitely a private eye. Thanks again I.J.
Not only do you have to Google your name, but go to and see if someone alerady has your .com name. You'll want to own it. So I checked it out. Somebody already owns (Disregard this if you're the one who owns it.) I tired it and it comes up weird. Check it out.

My son, before I really started writing on the web, told me horror stories about ID theft. So I invented an AKA (is it obvious?), and now I can go just about anywhere without the problem of giving away too much info. I made sure before hand that was available. Hope this helps.


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