1.The Hyatt's T-Mobile WiFi blows, and it costs $10/day.
2.Knob Creek/rocks in hotel bar: also $10. Good thing I brought my own.
3.Prediction: in thirty years, the crime novel as we know it will have gone the way of the western. There is almost nobody here under the age of forty; median age probably 60-ish.
4.P.F. Chang's is better Asian food than you can buy anywhere in Eau Claire, WI. Which is kind of sad.
5.Ruth's Chris or Morton's? Both within a couple of blocks of the Hyatt.
6.My editor is amazing--we may see another Frank Coffin book yet.
7.Indy's giant downtown mall has, like, 27 shoe stores and no place to buy a toy for your kids.

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1. At the Embassy Suites, you pay $12 in the room or you have to take your laptop to the lobby. It works well, though.

2. Shout out on the Knob Creek! Not bourbon drinker personally, but we do use it in food, candy, etc.

3. I imagine it will all go online, where it is cheaper... hence the Kindle. I did comment this evening that everyone at our table was older, female, and had short hair.

4. We were at PF Chang's. We do have good local Asian restaurants in Lexington, but Chang's is pretty good and probably healthier.

5. Neither... can't afford those places.

6. One day, I may be asking your editor's name.

7. No drugstore, either.
3. I like to think these crowds are older because it takes a while for most people to build the refined sensibilities needed to appreciate high level crime fiction.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Younger people--my students' age, say--live in a completely different popular culture than the one I grew up in. You'd need a rapper sleuth with a wizard sidekick, a pet werepanther, and a sexy virgin vampire for a girlfriend to really resonate with them, I think.
As for #3 - I actually saw quite a few young people out there, although the average age is of course much higher. But it seemed to me there were more youngsters here than at my last Bouchercon... in 2002. Back then, of course, I was a mere lad of 33 so I WAS one of the under-40 crowd.


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