Movie Madness! Former AE Gang, I love the idea of this Box Office forum.

Once in, TV, movies etc. will be a great place to discuss.  Hope admin approves the likes of us.  lol  I've been here for several years but with you lot, well, I'll be spending more time here than ever.  I hope, I hope, I hope!!

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Thanks, Andrew.  I believe some of the new posters liked the Ruth Rendells.  Hope they didn't bail already.  Anyway, nice to meet you.

And it a pleasure to meet you and your friends.  You are a most welcome addition to our numbers.

Thanks!  I'm happy to be here!

Suspending disbelief in a few areas.  One being the turning of the table 'tween Col. Lacey & Poirot.  I'm sure a few characters looked over at HP when he switched coffee cups but that probably was due to actors' timing.  Still, in a real life situation, one of the gathering was bound to see HP turn the table. 

Another was when Desmond Lee W. grabbed the ruby from the girl's hand.  He did momentarily touch the wrist and in reality would've felt a pulse.

Just a few nit picks.   Still loved the movie version as well as story.

I just re-watched this last night.  I guess the idea was that all eyes were on the person doing the charades and so no one would see the table turned.  Good thing it was a turning table?

In the story, Bridget wore a tourniquet, which would have dampened the pulse, although the cold may have helped.  In this story, I guess we just assumed the cold.  Or perhaps rushing on Desmond's part and he missed any pulse anyway.

Pghfan, yes, good thing for the turning table. lol  And good points about tourniquet & cold.  They could've bolstered the point in movie by showing her removing it.  Unless they did & I missed it.  Still it's a good eppy. 

I thought the prince might go after Sarah but I doubt she'd have him.  lol

Hey, do you have contact with Solar & Basil? Any of the others?  2nd request or re-invite might help.  I lost several e-mails in the shuffle so I have very few.  Was hoping Jh1, Clewie, ACFan, MysteryLover (to name a few) would join us.  Hate to lose them.  :-(

I don't have their contacts, but may have an email from you with their addresses on it.  If so, I'll send it to you.

Thanks, Pghfan.  If not, no worries.  I guess it'll be what it'll be...which is okay too. :-)

I'm afraid I couldn't find anything but Snoops' email.

Thanks for trying, pghfan.  Well, they all know we're here (maybe not ML) & that they are welcomed.  That's all we can do. :-)

Looking for titles for Jan.  I'll post what I have in reading forum thread. 

Hi MC et al.

Just signed in. It was a herculean task, possibly with NSA involvement.

My post is time sensitive. Ovation is once more repeating a Nutcracker Marathon from 12pm EST today, 21 December to Sunday, 22 December. Even though the Nutcracker ballet is not a book, it came from a book.  Some of our A&E people would be interested.

5 national theaters offer their versions:

San Francisco Ballet Company - US

Marinsky (Kirov) - Russia

Royal Opera House - UK

Bolshoi Dance Theater - Russia

Bourne  Theater - Australia

If you have time and stamina for only one or two, make it Marinsky and SF.

Ovation is on DirecTV channel 274

A Merry Christmas to all.

MC, there seem to be more bells and whistles on this site. I am tip-toeing around, trying not to upset anything.

Your reply came to me via e-mail. On the A&E board the replies were tacked onto the answered post. Is that how it works or an option? Should I be here or reply on your profile? Enlighten me, please!


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