Movie Madness! Former AE Gang, I love the idea of this Box Office forum.

Once in, TV, movies etc. will be a great place to discuss.  Hope admin approves the likes of us.  lol  I've been here for several years but with you lot, well, I'll be spending more time here than ever.  I hope, I hope, I hope!!

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Hi Tina! Thank you for inviting me, it's so nice to have a home again.

Yippee!  DeeDee!  I'm almost as new as you for though I've been a member from about 2009, I've not had much time to spend here.  Now I will!  Let's look around, settle in & mystery chat away.  Solar's around here too.  Bumped in at Readers' Den...I believe it's called. 

BTW, I. J. Parker & a few others have welcomed us in.  With a new hangout, we've got new buddies.  Love that for we could always use more.  Enjoy.

Hey, I forget what you lot were discussing before we were rudely interrupted.  Would love to do a Christmas Poirot or Midsomer for the holidays.  What say you? can reply immediately below a post.

Anything involving He Of The Leetle Grey Cells, MC! As long as it isn't Curtain.

DeeDee, it is nice.  I'll have to get use to that.  lol   And it will take some getting use to these boards but we've done it before.  I'm not a fan of change but we have to keep up.

I agree.  I believe Theft/Royal Ruby was the holiday mystery pick.  At least in one section of the old place.  I'm open but if nothing else, Red Ruby would be fine.

Wrote pgh, Snoops, Jh1, Alastair again & let them know you & Solar made it over.  They wee looking into the link .  Should be along soon for this & any other ideas.  Wonder if you-know will follow us here?  lol

HAH! I bet she/he will - I love the dressing down she was given by the feisty lady in Texas. Thought I was alone.

I abhor change but I keep at it, if only to keep up with the young 'uns.*

*Hope we're not graded on grammar or syntax here! (or the use of exclamation points)

She did indeed.  lol   Oh, I believe pgh made it over and Snoops is attempting.

I hope not (re:  grammar etc.  )

That feisty lady in Texas is my wife. Feisty is a very accurate description of her. :D

Looking forward to reading with y'all. MC knows my itinerary until after March. Hoping to read and discuss after that.

This seems like a fantastic site. I'm very happy to be here.

Thank you for friending me MC and L.A. I feel very welcome. Merry Christmas everyone.


Are we having a huge influx of new members?  How exciting!

A few I.J. & you are most welcomed to join in.  We mystery buffs do like to sleuth together.  Birds of a feather and all that. 

Well  I.J. Parker   I don't know how many we will be , Just noticed this thread (  I'm still walking around bumping into walls )  I feel like a refugee ,  first we were dumped from PBS with no warning when they shut down there boards and we sort of had a plan in place as a few of us had an uneasy feeling the last going off at PBS that something was afoot.  That plan was the Vintage Board at A&E . We were welcomed there and made new friends . Now, A&E announced 2 days ago they were restructuring there site and the various boards would no longer exist as we knew them sooooooo  the scramble was on to find a new home  ,  Tina C belonged there and suggested to come here.  I think  ( my belief )  we are an older group of British Mystery show fans and occupied a small corner of A&E  separated from the other A&E boards that followed reality shows and such which I think were a younger group of people (  I am 64 , retired  BELL Telephone and live in Nova Scotia .)  We lost people coming from PBS and we will loose more coming from A&E So when the dust settles we will take a head count , DEEDEE do I know you by a different name?  

Hi Solar, and welcome.

I was basilisk at PBS and A&E.

Hi  bas    wonder if it's just you and I so far ?


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