Crime City Central debuts on Monday evening, July 16, 2012! Our first author will be Lawrence Block! Please join us at (under construction) or via a link from our parent show at, or via iTunes or Stitcher.

We still need materia, crime fiction 3000 - 10,000 words. Those numbers are just an approximation  - we'll take longer or shorter. We are also looking for "fact pieces." These could be true crime stories, short essays on the justice systems of various nations, book reviews, kind of whatever.

We also want to have some interviews. If you write crime fiction or crime fact and would like to be interviewed on our show, let me know!

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We really want diversity of all kinds - racial, international, LGBTQ, any story you've published that you'd like to hear narrated. It's a free podcast with an all-volunteer staff, so we can't pay for stories. We can, however, give you international exposure! Send us your stories! Procedural, suspends, noir, hard core, any crime fiction or fact article will be considered.

If your story includes strong language, explicit sex or graphic violence, the host will announce a warning for the audience. We all know that such a warning will make most listeners more eager to listen. We have an excellent multinational  team of narrators who will bring your stories to life. The will not change a single word of your writing.

I hope to hear from everyone!
Cher Eaves
Asst. Editor
Crime City Central

Please Please Please send me a reminder--on my email as well as here so I don't forget in the general madness that is my life:

Thank you so very much!


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