I've had literary representation before but no sale. This time around I've co-written a crime thriller (Called "Frame-Up") with my friend Brad Schoenfeld and we've just signed up with Joel Gotler, based in Hollywood. He's a respected vet who has worked with quite a string of luminaries over the years. (Michael Connelly dedicated "The Poet" to him and another fellow. How cool is that?)

Mr. Gotler will be pushing the book next week on a visit to New York and then also in Hollywood when he gets back home.

It's an extremely tough time to sell a first novel on either coast, he says, but a thriller "might just have a chance." Wish us luck!

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Good luck!
I have a good feeling about this, Eric. Mr. G does not take on bad projects. Wishing you the best.
Good luck. Hope it sells big.
Best of luck, Eric!
Oh, nice! Much good luck!
Congratulations! That's fantastic!

I AM CERTAIN WE WILL ALL BE BUYING "FRAME UP" SOON, and I bet it will be a good read.

I was fortunate to find this exciting site and joined today.

Michael Phelps
No kidding. Good luck! Doesn't sound like a guy who'd take on a project he didn't think could sell. I'll be watching for word about your project.
Congratulations! That's wonderful news.
Thanks for your good wishes everyone. "Mister G" as Jack calls him reports back at the end of his first day in NY that he's got two publishers and a major film studio asking to read the ms. So off to a fine start. Fingers crossed.
WOW, fanbloodytastic, good luck with it...
Outstanding news. It's always good to see someone who particpates and shares his knowledge and experiences here get a break. You've been generous and on target with your comments, and must have helped many writers with questions. It's time for some karma to catch up with you.

Best of luck.


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