Hi all, I am a brand new member here and i have spent some time looking around this site and, while i have found it interesting it appears to me to be related to well established/published writers. Unfortunately i am not in that group. Yes of course i would like to be but i am not there yet, maybe one day.

I was hoping to find a site where a newbie like myself could learn. Is there such a site? I am a complete new starter at writing and haven't found any posts suitable - have i missed them?

Thanks for reading this.

E from the UK.

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You may not wish to stay, but I wonder how you will learn from other newbies. Somebody in the group ought to have some experience.
Thanks for your reply. I hope someone in the group can help as i like the site but feel out of it.
I have spent the day editing my latest story from 2,718 words down to 2,000 straight to comply with the uni course i am taking the moment. I do like editing and tightening a story and i love writing one too. I will stay a bit longer and cross my fingers. Being a newbie isn't fun.
A fellow uni student, eh? Welcome to the club. I don't think there are many of us floating around on this site. Being the new one isn't fun, especially when you come on and see all these professional writers who all seem to be doing what you wish you could do yourself. It can be disheartening. I first came on here about a year ago and I've learned heaps - some stuff has even helped me to get my work published. I'm still at uni, but knowing I've got a support network outside the campus helps alot because I don't have to rely on just my lecturer to help me through.

And this site is a fantastic support network - you have a question, then someone, somewhere will have the answer. On this site, people go out of their way to help the confused and frightened newbies like us. Just post a topic, even if you think it's totally random. Most of the people on this site are deeply knowledgable about the nuts and bolts of writing (grammar, etc) so you can ask about that; or if you just want to chat about the successes and set backs you've experienced, you'll always find an ear.

Or you can just post a really provocative topic and see what happens :)
Thanks Jessica. I agree with you and i too hope to lean a lot here. I have enjoyed the site to date but still cannot find the short story section here - any ideas?
Yeah, I've had issues finding that section too. Maybe email Daniel?
Thanks Jessica, but being new i do't know who Daniel is, or anyone else yet. Can you point me in the right direction please? and i will ask him. thanks E.
Daniel's the dude who runs the site. Daniel Hatadi. Check out the top right hand corner of the page and you should see a box that says "about" which says that Daniel Hatadi created the site. You can use that link to email him.
Thanks Jessica, i wll do that. E.
Thanks for the link. I will read with interest. I am writing short stories at the moment as i am told they are the best to start with.
Thanks. Where is the short story section? Sounds interesting.
Just stick around and follow some of the discussion and blogs. You'll pick up some stuff through osmosis, and will become aware of other sites and blogs that may be helpful to you. Don't be afraid to post questions such as this. I've found the people here to be very supportive and helpful.
There! You see?


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