I've just signed up with a genuine desire to get into the community of Crimespace, but I have an immediate deadline-driven desire to invite writers to contribute to an anthology of mystery fiction that I'm producing with a local publisher. I want to be sensitive to the protocols. What's the best way to get the word out to members of this ning?

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Either a blog post or an event post.
I took your advice and created an event post.
Appreciate it, Dan. See below.
And by the way, you're very welcome here!  :)
Thanks. Nice community here, I notice.
I'm seeking manuscripts for the second in a series of anthologies that use the state of New Hampshire as a setting  for short stories in different pulp fiction genres. The first book, titled "Live Free or Undead" featured horror and is already on sale and doing pretty well. The second title also riffs off of our state's famous license plate motto. It's "Live Free or Die, Die, Die!" and the genre is mystery/murder/detective fiction. It's all explained on my blog: www.nhpulpfiction.com. I received about 160 submissions for the horror anthology and so far only about 40 for this one, and the deadline is the end of this month. Anyway, I thought this might be a good place to get the word out to some writers. I'm willing to extend the deadline a week or so for members of the Crimespace ning. Once again, writers don't have to be from NH but the stories have to contain Granite State places, people, attitudes, etc.
I've already sent two stories to you.  :-)  I've also promoted the anthology over at the short mystery fiction society group.
Thanks, and thanks! I've just started reading stories.
This is a good starting point. Also, if you have a blog, on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.


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