Whatcha watching?  House of Elliott.  Excellent costumes, acting.  Love this series.  Also, new season of Downton Abbey and Shark Tank.  Anyone else?

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On the non-crime/non-mystery side of things I watch Nashville, Chicago Fire, Revolution, Sleepy Hollow, and looking forward tot he new Syfy series Helix.


What's Sleepy Hollow like?  What would you compare it to?

Good question and hard to say. 

The premise is that Ichabod Crane wakes up after 200 years supernaturally linked to the headless horseman whom he'd killed during the Revolutionary War, and who has also risen in modern day Sleepy Hollow. Yet the story goes one step further and identifies the Headless Horseman as one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse and it turns out Crane and his modern day partner, sheriff's deputy Abigail Mills, are the two witnesses mentioned in the Book of Revelations. Together they track down and face supernatural events and beings while trying to stave off the coming Apocalypse.

The episodes are well written with a sense of humor, great character development, and with a wonderfully thought out mythology that mixes Revelations with history and supernatural elements, and makes a wry commentary on our times as viewed by a fellow 200 years out of time. Just fun stuff.

I think its quite original in its concept and hard to come up with comparisons. Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets the X-Files with a bit of the movie National Treasure thrown in. Maybe, sort of.

Well worth checking out in my opinion.

Like Hell on Wheels, The Newsroom, Homeland and Treme. When I have time, during the day, it's sports. And I admit to being a Food Channel junkie.

Good to se you, WT.  One thing for sure, there are plenty of choices out there today.  Myself, I'm light on reality fare and heavier on quality viewing.  Downton A, House of Eliott, The Paradise, Christie film adaptations.  That kind of stuff.

Downton Abbey is a joy!

Yes, it is, I.J.  I also enjoyed Selfridges and The Paradise.  Great mini-series all.

I got bored with Selfridge's. Don't know THE PARADISE.


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