Another of the truly great actors is gone.  Pity he got all those nominations but never got an Oscar. But then the Oscars are just as squirrely about their choices as the Edgars.


He's been praised for all his roles, even the most recent ones, and people remember him for "Lawrence of Arabia", one of the early blockbuster movies. But I shall always think of him in "Alfie", as perfect a film and a performance as anyone could wish for.

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Thought Alfie was Michael Caine? Love Peter O'Toole regardless. I liked his interviews.

That movie's so old Michael Caine was actually good looking then.

Oops!  You're right!  Michael Caine. Still a lovely film.  And Peter O"Toole was great.

Enjoyed Peter O'Toole in practically everything he did, but now that he's gone I have a particular urge to see My Favorite Year again.

MY FAVORITE YEAR is one of the great comedies. I also remember seeing THE RULING CLASS when it was new, and being blown away by it.

Liked him in Night Of The Generals, the one critics said was his worst.

I have a soft spot for "The Lion in Winter," a masterpiece of acting all around. Katharine Hepburn certainly deserved her Oscar.

All of the above, which starred Peter O'Toole, were fantastic films which were made special by a great actor.  And Alfie was also a lovely film.

Ah, yes.  You know I sometimes long for actors who don't all look alike and play the same roles. And that also means meaty roles in very good films. Handsome is as handsome does. Give me a spark of character any day.

I suppose that carries over to books.

I had exactly the same thought earlier, but wanted to accentuate the positive about Peter rather than depress myself with what we have now.  :)

Hard to do, given the title of the thread.

We have plenty of fine actors working now. It's not their fault. It's the fault of producers unwilling to take any risks. This is one of many reasons I curse market research.


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