Another of the truly great actors is gone.  Pity he got all those nominations but never got an Oscar. But then the Oscars are just as squirrely about their choices as the Edgars.


He's been praised for all his roles, even the most recent ones, and people remember him for "Lawrence of Arabia", one of the early blockbuster movies. But I shall always think of him in "Alfie", as perfect a film and a performance as anyone could wish for.

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A fair point, Stephen.  On UK the political front, the British Labour Party, under the leadership of Tony Blair, became a prisoner to "Focus Groups".  Any progressive policy that was deemed capable of losing votes was ditched.  The result: many Conservative voters referred to Blair as, "The best Conservative never to lead our party..."

It's really not so different in the book business either. Plenty of good authors are forced to choose between losing their publisher or turning out crap that sells. The public votes, and there are always more of them than of us.  :)

Tell me about it. I have tried to spin a purely commercial tale, and I just can't do it. If I think it's crap, so will the readers. 

Well, as to the readers, I doubt it. Look at the recent bestsellers like 50 Shades. A lot of people either like crap or don't know the difference.

(I did have a look at 50 Shades, since it was in the library. Trust me: it's crap. Given the fact that it introduces a virgin to sadistic sex, it may be dangerous crap). Hmm.  Written by a woman for women.


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