Go over to "Detectives Beyond Borders"  to read all about 4 FUNNY DETECTIVE STORIES -- STARRING MAYNARD SOLOMAN.

When Peter reviews, you always get an intelligent analysis.  He loved the book.  Congrats, Benjamin.

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I've been meaning to read Ben for some time, but something always distracts me. No offense to Ben; there's so much to read, I sometimes get a couple of years behind on favorite authors I know well. A recommendation from Peter? Well, that's more than enough to get me off my butt and fire up the Kindle. 


I read Cleansing Eden.  Good stuff.

Thanks for the mention, IJ, that's very nice of you.

This came out of the blue, and I'm humbled he opted to read and review it. On that note, I think he found me because of the SEO-friendly title I used. It's clunky, but it contains "detective stories," which is something people search for in Google. I wonder if he plunked that into Google.

How could I take offense to that, Dana? I'm still behind on reading things I've written!

Thanks for the kind words, I.J.

Benjamin: The title caught my eye, but only after I'd already found the book through a mention on someone else's  list of blogs that he follows -- Sean Patrick Reardon's, I think.


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