This is driving me mad! I was in a cafe last weekend and overheard two women talking about a new crime writer (Campbell, Cameron, something like that) and her book, I don't know if/when it was published but it sounded great and right up my street- mystery, spooky, edge of my seat stuff, the twist seemed to be that the investigator was being helped by a spirit or witch or something? It is set in Glasgow, Scotland (another reason I want to read it as I have been there a few times and can imagine it is a really spooky setting for a crime book!). I am pretty sure one of the characters is called donnelly. I love anything crime and spooky so I really want to read it but have googled every combination I can think of and nothing! Have any of you heard of this book or know a bookshop, site, person who could help track it down? Yes I know what you are thinking, why didn't I just ask the women - the answer is I don't know, I guess I just thought it would come up on a Google search without the need for me to out myself as a nosey person listening in on other people's conversation?! Anyway if you can help, please reply - soon! Thankyou so much at the very least for enduring this waffle. E

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Sounds like you've already read it. In fact, you probably wrote it and want to steer people to it. Awful lot of information and details for someone who just overheard a conversation. Good try.

How snarky.

Wish I could write, I tried once but my brother told me I was rubbish! Still haven't tracked it down, and no one on other crime forums could find it either so am beginning to think I imagined it, have given up searching. Doubt a real writer would use a tactic like that, surely they would have far better ways to promote? Anyway thanks for your mean reply. Happy crime reading.

The only author I found was Karen Campbell. 

I tried to search using your description, but didn't find anything. If you ever find out the name of the book, let me know. Good luck. 


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